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The success of the Cyber Champion’s programme is a testament to the enthusiasm and commitment of all our volunteers. If you want to make a difference, join us now.


If you are an organisation who can help with funding or involve your young professionals as part of their CSR activity, we would be delighted to hear from you.


If you are a young professional or experienced leader and would like to participate in this initiative, please contact us.

Cyber Champions
Cyber Guardians
Cyber Prefects

​Cyber Champions

In today’s world it takes a lot to get ahead. For young professionals, becoming a Cyber Champion is a great way to enhance personal development and raise profile by promoting digital literacy and becoming a business and IT role model. As well as expanding your network, you will develop transferable skills such as leadership, teaming and communications. You will also have an opportunity to be mentored by a ‘Cyber Guardian'.

Cyber Guardians

Cyber Guardians are role models, promoting the Cyber Champions programme. As business leaders and subject matter experts, Cyber Guardians also have the opportunity to support and mentor young professionals.

Cyber Prefects

Cyber Prefects are school children who participate and complete Cyber Champion workshops and share their learning with peers, family and friends. This enables them to be responsible online users at an early age, ask questions and to share their own experiences.

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