Cyber Champions is a not-for-profit organisation promoting awareness of best practices in digital and cyber skills to school children, students, senior citizens and other community groups across the UK.
Since its launch in June 2011 at the Houses of Parliament, thousands of pupils and senior citizens have benefited from participating and supporting the Cyber Champions' programme.


In the digital world it is critical that all users learn best practices in  digital literacy, cyber skills and online safety early and are able to self-regulate their actions when using social media.

The Cyber Champions programme mobilises young professionals and experienced personnel to volunteer as business and IT role models, and to raise awareness about best practices in online behaviours and the importance of having a positive digital footprint.

Our Mission

  • To make a difference to local communities and future generations by raising awareness of best practices in digital literacy and e-safety;

  • To help students develop the digital skills that will help them to succeed in education and in the workplace;

  • To promote positive business and IT role models and deliver engaging and relevant digital literacy workshops to community groups;

  • To encourage generational giveback and provide opportunities for personal and professional skills development for all our volunteers. 


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