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Student Testimonials

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Teacher Testimonials

“The Cyber Champions gave an excellent and well-spoken delivery, with a good mix of interesting facts, videos and advice pitched at just the right level. It is encouraging to see young professionals presenting as they can relate well to the students and are great role models”.


ICT Teacher, De La Salle School

“A helpful, honest and informative presentation. Raising awareness of how to keep safe online with children and young people is an essential part of education in 2023 and beyond”.


Head of Technology, Bayview Glenn School

“The content was very good with enough details and useful tips without being overwhelming. How to create a strong password, the implications of sexting and knowing how to report were of particular use to the students” .


Assistant Teacher, Oxford Spires Academy School

“A really clear and structured delivery from the Cyber Champions. The message about digital footprints was of particular use to students due to its relevance”.


Head of Computing, Nower Hill School

“The Cyber Champions had great energy, delivery skills and were very professional. It is extremely important to raise awareness with young people living in a digital age, where they are constantly online and exposed to social media”.


Head of Business Studies, Woodmansterne School

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