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A growing number of organisations are getting involved in Cyber Champions. We are delighted to have such a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations supporting the Cyber Champions programme, including:

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Partner Tributes

Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO, Templar Executives, on Cyber Champions: “It is our role to ensure the digital footprint of young people is a positive one and that they are aware of not only the great power of technology, but also how to use it safely.”

Martin Tyley, Partner, KPMG LLP: "Young people today are developing a digital footprint from a very early age that will likely stay with them forever. Cyber Champions is all about empowering young people to create a positive digital footprint. By highlighting the dangers of social media and online gaming, and providing top tips on how to stay safe online, Cyber Champions is having a real positive impact on young people today."

Former Commissioner Adrian Leppard on Cyber Champions: “The challenge with Cyber is that young people are already ahead of the game. We need to do all we can while they are still young to ensure they are able to look out for themselves and be safe in the online world.”

Rt Hon Alun Michael MP cites Cyber Champions as “a superb example of the importance of older children acting as role models for the next younger generation.”

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